The yacht will commence its cruise from either marina (depending on where the yacht is berthed) and will sail out to the Danga Bay, to Sungai Pendas and across 2nd Link to Merambong Island. The yacht will afloat or anchor there so guests can wait for the sunset (depends on the time and weather). Our guests can commence on various activities such as fishing, swimming, kayaking or chill on yacht to have a relax trip. Kindly note that all water activities have to stop by 7pm due to safety reasons. We can also dock at Pendas Floating Restaurant to have a great lunch or dinner.

The yacht will do a city skyline cruise and river cruise, after that will sail back to either marina where guests will disembark. Please note that the river cruise may be an optional add-on depending on the yacht you have chosen. Please refer to the rate chart for your selected yacht for details.