Senibong Cove

Senibong Cove was originally an old desolate shrimp farm that has now been converted into a major waterfront settlement in Johor Bahru which won numerous national and international awards. Located on the east coast of Johor Bahru on 208 hectares of land, Senibong Cove represents a new age of living in the city of southern Malaysia with combination of natural beauty and architectural perfection.

Located at the heart of the Iskandar Mega Project, Senibong Cove is an ideal location for those working in Singapore, Johor Bahru City, Masai and Pasir Gudang complemented with leisure club facilities, swimming pools and state of the art restaurants which is essential for modern living.

Even though being in the largest commercial and industrial city in Malaysia, we now have the chance to see the tranquillity of the water, listen to the cries of wildlife in natural ecosystems and the beautiful hinterland. This will definitely calm us down in the hustle and bustle of city life.


The integrated marina is the perfect way for all residents to enjoy leisurely time on the water while sailing or motor boating. You can enjoy variety of food and drinks here which include seafood, modern Japanese dining, casual western dining, good tea and coffee experience.

The cost of living in Johor Bahru is significantly lower than in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. With easy access to all necessities, living in the property here cannot be compared to any other property in Johor Bahru. Senibong Cove recognizes that amusement parks are part of the lifestyle and strives to provide the best amusement facilities. Currently there are 6 parks available with expected leisure amenities to increase the qualities of your life.