Pulau Tioman

About 56km off the coast of Pahang, lies Pulau Tioman , a holiday paradise in the South China Sea. Recognised as one of the world’s best holiday island resort, Pulau Tioman was the location of a Hollywood musical, ‘South Pacific’ in 1959. Together with Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang, Tioman is the most popular island on the eastern side of the peninsula. According to legend, the island is the resting place of a mythical dragon princess. On her way from China to visit her prince in Singapore, this fabled maiden stopped to seek solace in the crystal-clear water of the South China Sea. Enchanted by the charms of the place, she decided to discontinue her journey. The princess took the form of an island and pledged to offer shelter and comfort to passing travellers.

Pulau Tioman is well known as a diving and snorkelling paradise, just like Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian in the north of Peninsular Malaysia. Non-divers can enjoy a bit of snorkelling at one of the many snorkelling sites around the island. Most resorts have a house reef; where you can snorkel right in front of your cabana. Many resorts also offer snorkelling tours to secluded areas around Tioman or to uninhabited islands in the vicinity of Tioman, for example Pulau Tulai and Pulau Renggis. Some other great places to snorkel around Tioman are Pulau Paya, Pulau Tekek and Ayer Batang.

Pulau Tioman is popular among those that like fishing. Be informed that Pulau Tioman is a designated marine park so fishing on Pulau Tioman is illegal. You will need to sail out from the Marine Park area to fish. Deep-sea fishing and Diving trips through The Yacht Club can be arranged at many places on the island. Our experience Captain and guide will be able to bring you to those locations.

The best time to visit Pulau Tioman is between March and October. The northeast monsoon transforms this tropical gem into a desolated place between the end of October and the beginning of March; many resorts are closed during this period. Because of this monsoon, the underwater world is a lot less beautiful; visibility is bad and there are currents so diving and snorkelling is not possible.