Yacht Boarding Details


One°15 Marina Puteri Harbour

Meeting Point

Marina Gate


Puteri Harbour
79100 Nusajaya Malaysia

Boarding Tips

1. Please gather 20-30 mins prior to charter time
2. Call the crew in-charge
3. Enjoy your yacht charter

Car Park

Please park your car at the Puteri Harbour’s car park.

Parking rates

Parking fee is RM8/car at Puteri Harbour.

Getting here by public transport

Shuttle Buses

Buses are observed not to pick up and drop off passengers at Larkin Terminal. Boarding and alighting activities will be carried out along Jalan Garuda, off Larkin Terminal, in front of Medan Selera Johor.

Varied Routings
Trip Skipping Mall of Medini
Trip departing Larkin at 0630 will skip Mall of Medini.

Trips Terminating at Larkin
Trips departing Puteri Harbour Ferry Terminal at 0830, 1130, 1415, 1530, 1730 and 1835 will terminate at Larkin and skip KSL City.

Express Trips
Trip departing Larkin at 1840 will proceed directly to Puteri Harbour Ferry Terminal, skipping all intermediate stops.
Trip departing Puteri Harbour Ferry Terminal at 1915 will proceed directly to KSL CIty and Larkin, skipping all intermediate stops.

This bus service is provided free of charge.

All passengers must present their residents’ card, staff ID, ferry ticket, student ID or events flyers upon boarding.

Destination at a glance…

  • Larking
  • Educity
  • East Ledang
  • Medini 6/7
  • Gleneagles Medini Hospital
  • Mall of Medini
  • Legoland Malaysia
  • Puteri Harbour Ferry Terminal

How to enjoy the charter

If you are not normally a sea person, it is really highly recommended that you take a “seasick” tablet at least 30 minutes before departure. Please consult your Pharmacy if in doubt or should you have questions. You need to take the tablets before boarding the vessel, as it does not work well if you are already onboard the vessel!

What to wear

You are going to be outside on the water for several hours. The key thing is sun protection, so bring a hat and sunglasses for day charters. You might also want to go swimming during the day, so bring your swimming costumes and gear, towels and a change of clothes if necessary. Sailing is a fun and laid back experience – so formal attires are not recommended in the warm and humid weather.


When you board the yacht, you will be required to remove your shoes. We require bare feet for two main reasons:

Safety. Loose footwear can sometimes snag. Add this to the fact that the boat is moving up and down on waves, and we want to minimize the chances of accidents or property losses at sea.

Damage. Most shoes will leave marks on the white decks, and any with hard soles may damage the decks.

Number of passengers allowed

Please be notified that the maximum number of passengers allowed onboard (including yourself) is as per the indicated number in the email sent to you. “Passenger” is defined as any person regardless of age (which would include toddlers, babies, domestic helpers, etc). This is an important condition on your charter. There will be no exception to this rule. Please be advised that the Skipper will not initiate the charter in the event there are more than the allowed number of passengers on-board.

Also note: Please be advised that Pets are not allowed on board at all times.

*Special note on decorations

As part of the Club’s ongoing sustainability and eco-friendly efforts, all sign, decoration, balloon, etc…must be taken down prior to you leaving. Any person(s) caught doing  may be issued a fine.