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Berthed: Port Dickson

Model: Open Decked Trimaran
Length: 70 ft
Cabins: 4
Toilets: 2
Maximum guests: 60 pax

Charter Rates


Have you ever wondered what’s it like to celebrate an occasion on a boat? I’m sure you have denitely heard a friend or someone celebrating their special event, birthday or their wedding bash on a boat and boasting about it loudly!!
Don’t be envious as we are here to make your dream a reality. Dickson Dragon is the rst of her kind(a Trimaran) and she has landed on the shores of Port Dickson. Built in Phuket as a Party Yacht and now she has come to Port Dickson to provide sailing experience to anyone and everyone who wants to experience sailing on the Straits of Malacca. This sailing route has seen its glory days when the Chinese headed by Admiral Zheng He, arrived Malacca with its eet. The Portuguese, Dutch and English have also sailed through the Straits of Malacca making it one of the most important sea lane’s in the world during the Spice trade era. The sunset on the Straits of Malacca is so breathtaking that your heart skips a beat as you soak in the beauty of God’s creation.
Come and experience an evening with us and then boast about it when you meet your friends.

Rates (table can be swiped left on mobile)

Duration 4 hours 6 hours 8 hours
Monday – Sunday RM 12,000 nett RM 14,000 nett RM 18,000 nett

Included Facilities, Equipment

  • WIFI
  • Beverage Counter
  • BBQ Grill & Buffet Spread
  • Water Jacuzzi
  • Sound System with Karaoke
  • Machine
  • Toilet Facilities & Open
  • Shower Facilities

Optional add-ons & additional charges

  • Self-Catering charge of RM1,000 applicable for charterer who arrange own catering. The charge covers loading, unloading, stashing drinks & provisions, cleaning & washing.
  • Special charter request or extended night stay quoted separately
  • Immigration clearance chargeable at RM1,500 for Koh Lipe trip
  • Diving equipment will be quoted separately upon request
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